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Steve was introduced to his first electric guitar back in 1977. His passion to express himself musically started him on a lifetime journey of creativity, music expression and collaboration with other musicians. In the early years he had a strong focus on Jazz, Blues followed by R&B and Rock. 

Heavily influenced by the music scene in Montreal where he lived, Steve was engrossed in playing in several bands both as a guitar and a harmonica player. On occasion, he would busk at the Montreal Blues Festival, sometimes creating a live ensemble with other players.

He took on an apprenticeship in a guitar repair shop working after hours and weekends in old Montreal prior to graduating high school in 1981. It took him several years to hone his skills in the art of both electric and acoustic guitar repair and refurbishment. This opened the door to connecting and working with many traveling musicians (Big Moose Walker, Glen Campbell, Bruce Springsteen, April Wine, Men Without Hats, The Nils, Sid Serious and the Pseuds, Three O’Clock Train, Ray Condo, Offenbach to name a few) needing repairs prior to performing at events in and around Montreal’s vibrant music scene.

Steve fixing guitars in Old Montreal

In recent years Steve has focused a lot of his attention to repairing guitars, custom builds, and helping musicians that stop by in need of quality repairs and advice.

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